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Friday, November 4, 2016

Trunk or Treat 2016

October was a crazy month this year so I failed on any sort of costume theme. But, the kids still looked cute and they had a blast at our church's annual T or T! Maddie was a softball player, Brooklyn was Princess Jasmine, Easton was a Power Ranger and HG was a baby monster!

SMU Mustangs and OU Sooners

The girls wearing their college class shirts! Maddie is done on the colors for SMU and Brooklyn's says Go OU for the Sooners!

Moore Farms

I was so excited to attend Brooklyn's field trip to Moore Farms! I enjoyed the morning with my girl; learning about and picking out pumpkins!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Student Council

In 3rd grade, kids can begin running for student council & I was excited when Maddie came home asking for our permission to run! Student council is never something I would have been brave enough to do as a child and I'm so happy that my Maddie-girl already shows such a different personality! 
We got supplies together and worked on her board and speech! In the end, Maddie didn't win but as always, she had such a positive attitude. She immediately started talking about running again next year! I'm just so proud to be her mom! 

Mawmaw Templin Turns 80

This year, my precious Mawmaw turned 80 years old, and all her 7 children planned a fabulous celebration! As many family members that could show up, did and it was a wonderful and special time for a special lady!